Jesse Younan - Media

Swimming in Stone - CD Review
The Age, 17/6/05

By Jeff Glorfeld

Sydney singer-songwriter Jesse Younan has a lot going for him, not least of which is a wonderfully mellifluous voice that is the perfect vehicle for his moody, moving songs. Each number is a fully realised performance, the voice strong, warm and melodic, textured by a husky smoker's burnish. Unlike many performers plying the solo circuit, Younan is also a masterful guitarist - none of that strummety-strum nonsense - and he colours his songs with thrilling delicate filigrees of plucked notes, reminiscent at times of the great English guitarists such as Bert Jansch or Davy Graham. It all comes together in the songs, an eight-track set of lost love (Forever), drug addiction (Chronic), and a father's lament for his absent child (the gorgeous A Father's Song). It's not all gloom, however. Bea is a lovely love song, and Younan has fun with a brief rendition of the John Denver composition Annies' Song. He admits to being influenced by Middle Eastern music, which can be heard in the slack-string drone of Dirty Death. Very fine.