No smooth sailing (2003)

Goodbye my little angel face
You ain't got no choice in leavin' this place
Oh how lovely sweet as can be
Sweet enough for me to eat
One day now things will change
And you'll find out about another place
Oh my lord jesus christ
Well he must have blinked twice
Didn't hear our cries

Just a rusty dusty dream
Of one desperate man
Just a rusty dusty dream
All turned bad

They're hoping for smooth sailing
Water under the bridge

So far and baby oh so wide
To see you smile
I gotta close my eyes
Ain't no use on the telephone
Baby you ain't grown
And my face ain't shown
Sun will rise when the moon does hide
Each summer will pass
And the winters collide
So I guess I'll be like fiction to you
Like old man st nicholas
And the man on the moon

But I'll be missing you my darling
My one joy is my pain
I'll be missing you my baby
I won't ever be the same

I've been denied
My right place in your life

I'll be missing you

Copyright 2003 Jesse Younan
All rights reserved