Forever (2003)

It was my heart I gave you
Ain't no easy thing for me to do
Been returned to me in pieces
Oh no honey it ain't no good no more
It's all broken up abused
Who'd want it now it's all been used
Sweet lord only knows
Well I ain't got no more love to give
Your love been like a rolling stone

Forever ain't a long time at all
Forever ain't a long time
When there ain't no remedy
This feeling ain't gonna be leaving me

So much remind me of you
I light my cigarette the way you do
Been bare foot in my kitchen
And you been in every one of my rooms
My pillow has captured all your dreams
And your nightmares I keep in my shoes
Well there ain't no love in this lonely place
I done wasted all my love on you

Well you know I seen the dark side
And you know I made the shadow my friend
You knew this when you met me
It intrigued you back then
But now you're afraid to be with me
With all you said and done
You said forever you would love me
Forever ain't a long time to come

My fingers have seen every inch of you
And the blood that you keep to yourself
I done tasted that there little evil
I been crawlin my way outta hell
Your thin line lip of deception
Been working over time
And there ain't no right combination
That's gonna get us outta this here trouble this time

Would seem to all be left up to chance
I'd see the fire in your head
And I knew the dance
It all seems like so many years ago
But I'm still burnt by the curse been cast
Was I a fool to try and hold onto you
Shoulda been strong enough to let you go
If I'd seen all the things that I do see now
Baby believe me I'd 've run from you

Well my love is all I got to give
Got to give to anyone
It's a choice you make and a risk you take
When you wanna believe in love
When you only wanna be loved
Well I ain't gonna choose love no more
I ain't gonna choose no love
If you only got that kind of conditional love
I ain't choosin love no more

Forever ain't a long time at all...

Copyright 2003 Jesse Younan
All rights reserved