C'est la vie (2004)

Well I got this disease, this dirty disease
It's taking me for a ride
It's only one way, and it's all the way down
Just wanna get high

I'm so tired and I'm all out of fight
Strung out babe, something ain't right
I lay down my head and resign
A slave to a troubled mind

C'est la vie my love
C'est la vie my love

It's true I'm dying may already be dead
Well I got me a knife
Oh I'm bleeding there's a bitter pain
Must be I'm alive
Been using and abusing gone and lost my mind
Will somebody find me?
Been diggin' my own grave, kickin' dirt in my own face
And I'm paying the price
It's a high price with no guarantee
Of turning back time
I'm sick of trippin' over old regrets
I'd sell my soul for a pack of cigarettes

Oozin' bruisin' weeping like rain
The mother fucker got to be insane
What you doin' what you thinkin' what you tryin' to gain
You ain't dead if you're feelin' pain
It's alright just a little red rain

C'est la vie my love
C'est la vie my love

I may never ever get off of this ride
It's all I ever known
The world keep on movin', groovin', abusin'
It's taking it's toll
It's taking it's toll
I'm bound down by a heavy load
Black dog comin' for my soul
Black dog and a heavy load
Black dog make my blood run cold
It's taking it's toll
I'm losing control
I'm stuck I ain't movin' ain't goin' nowhere
Times are changin' hanging over my head
Times are chasin' trying to catch my breath
Ain't easy breathin' with a noose around my neck

C'est la vie my love
C'est la vie my love

You only got yourself to blame
You never listened from the day you came
Just leave it alone
Your home ain't my home
What the hell is wrong with you?
We did our best to make it better for you
Just leave it alone
I got a mind of my own
Look at what you brought to us
Create a life and now it's taken from us
It's taken from me too
What the hell's wrong with you?
What the fuck's wrong with you?

It's my child don't you ever forget it
My child, I won't ever regret it
I broke down in the pourin' pain
I lucked out tryin' to find a vein
The damage is done
Ain't nowhere to run and call my own

Father's son hear the father say
"You ain't nothin 'till you pay your own way"
Mother's son hear the mother say
"Your birth ain't worth a dog's day"

C'est la vie my love
C'est la vie my love

Copyright 2004 Jesse Younan
All rights reserved