Bea (2003)
i wake up
a little before noon
i’ll pick up
the paper cigarettes and the booze
i'll be back
in no time babe
so you can just
stay in bed
and rest your head
your heavy head

you're beautiful from the moment
you open your eyes
and bid me good morning
good morning my love
my friend
my destiny ends with you

it's cold out
man it's been pouring
a hard rain been fallin'
don't count on her easin'
but you and i know
takes her time coming
but we can wait
all day we'll wait
feelin' it
the badness
and we can just
stay in bed
you wrap your legs
around me

is this alright
got you a little something
red roses on this day
for you my babe
you're all of one year older
a kiss for love
we'll go out
we'll drink this town
with our sorrows
drown in the rain
or we can just
stay in bed
you rest your head
upon me

Copyright 2003 Jesse Younan
All rights reserved