Jesse Younan - Bio

A self-taught musician, Jesse Younan started playing the guitar when he was six years old. His early memories of playing the guitar involved recording music off the radio and then playing along with his favourite bands. As he learnt to play by improvising, it was a natural progression to start writing his own songs. His playing has been compared to guitarists such as Bert Jansch, Davey Graham and John Martyn. However, Jesse Younan’s sound is unique - a gorgeous fusion of folk, blues and the music he heard as a young boy.

Likewise, Jesse is more likely to cite John Denver or Prince as infuences rather than artists such as Nick Drake, Devendra Banhart and Elliot Smith to whom he has been compared.

A gifted lyricist, his heartbreaking songs of love and struggle are carried by a distinctive, deep voice full of emotion. Listening to A Good Day for a Migraine, his 4th release, you get the sense that Jesse lives it as he sings it – a nomadic existence on the fringes, his experiences channelled through guitar and voice – or perhaps that is just the finesse of his art..
Photo by Callaghan Walsh
"Younan could have the most intricate guitar playing of Sydney's talented singer-songwriters"
Sydney Morning Herald, METRO 29/4/05

"unlike many performers plying the solo circuit, Younan is a masterful guitarist"
Jeff Glorfeld, The Melbourne Age

"this is a brilliant, near-perfect album. It’s an all-acoustic showcase of a man with impressive guitar chops, a fine ear for a chord change, and a lovely, tender voice. Above all it proves that, most importantly, Jesse Younan can write a bloody song", 13/5/05

"Ecelctic as it is technically impressive, Younan is just at home playing moody-middle eastern tinged fingerpicking ditties as he is a sweet lovesick ballad or dirty acoustic blues"
Yuri Koskov-Koskov, Scene Magazine May 2005

"the words, the subject matter, the pain & beauty of his songs make you want to just shut up & listen"
Emma Nicholas, Inner West Courier